#WCW: Gabrielle Union Wade

By Joseph E. Davis

My WCW is Gabrielle Union Wade. To be honest, it sometimes hurts for me to say that last part (Wade! despite him being one of my favorite NBA players–but that’s neither here nor there. This article is about Gabby.). Brown skin, high cheek bones, beautiful smile, educated, and a strong woman that is a rape survivor/activist (which made the way that she has been handling her recent leaking of her nudes all the more impressive)–she is truly a well-rounded individual.

gabby union

Photo courtesy of dailyhairstyles.net

This thing I have for Gabby has been in the making for some time now, from her role in Love & Basketball to Think Like a Man Too (around 14 years to be exact). Although most of her early pictures didn’t display her in roles as the ideal crush, I saw her in a different light. She has always captured features of a woman (both physically and mentally) that I would like to see in the woman I will marry one day. Whether it was her flirtatious ways for her role in The Brothers or her ambition in Daddy’s Little Girls and, of course, that smirk she does that has made its way onto the big screen several times throughout her acting career *insert heart eyes and praying hands*.  With that being said, I don’t just find Gabrielle Union (purposely omits Wade) to be beautiful, but to be the ideal compilation of what defines the word.

gabby union gif

Photo courtesy of wifflegif.com