#WCW: Lauren Mayberry of the Band CHVRCHES

By Tori Stukins

At this point, everyone in college has probably heard the hit single by CHVRCHES (pronounced ‘churches’) “The Mother We Share.”  I’m guilty of spamming several of my specialty radio show playlists with the wonderful Scottish band myself.  Their trance synthpop music is both soothing and helps to pump me up on a weekend when I’m sitting at home playing video games.  While CHVRCHES is one of my favorite bands at the moment, nothing captivates me quite like their lead vocalist and front woman Lauren Mayberry.

First off, she’s incredibly cute and always dressed in what I like to call “comfy chic.”  It’s not quite baggy, but I could see myself going out on the town in an ensemble of the sort without feeling married to the uncomfortable niceness of my outfit.  She always seems to be having an excellent time performing on stage, and I can contest to that.  Why you ask?  Because at Pygmalion, I got to stand in the press row at the CHVRCHES concert and take pictures of her up close.  Not to sound creepy, but it was like a dream to me.


Photo Courtesy of: Tori Stukins

            Another reason I particularly admire this woman is her education.  She pursued a law degree in her undergraduate from University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and she later got her Master’s degree in Journalism.  Most people would scoff and say that she did nothing with this education, but she has written articles and discussed numerous issues ranging in topics from gender inequality to harassment in social media.  In short, she is well versed in today’s issues and makes herself known as not only an amazing artist, but an activist as well.

Basically, I can respect a woman with almost enigmatic sex appeal as well as passion for social issues.  If you have not yet checked out CHVRCHES, I highly encourage it.  While they are no longer touring their first album The Bones of What You Believe, it is still incredible to partake in even through the studio recordings.  Their concerts are truly an experience, and while her other band mates are just as engaging, Lauren truly make the concerts a memory.  She’s inspiring, and I am thankful every day that I discovered this band.


Photo Courtesy of: Tori Stukins

One thought on “#WCW: Lauren Mayberry of the Band CHVRCHES

  1. Great feature and insight on a woman we truly admire as well. Definitely hit on all the highlights of Lauren and Chvrches. Really excited for their next album and can’t wait to see them again. Keep up the great writing Tori!

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