How to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal in your dorm!

Jackson Thompson//

If you are one of the many students living in a college dorm this November, the wait until you can return home and eat a meal that was made with love in an actual kitchen can be agonizing! But, maybe you want to get a headstart on getting that taste of a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and the time is passing by so slowly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how!

This is, of course, meant to work as a template for anyone, so no formal cookware is required! No oven, no sink, no form of cookware except for a dorm-standard microwave! Truly the best method of bringing that taste of home to your home away from home! And to top that all off, we know that you only have so much space to work with, so we will do you a favor and condense any meal into one singular space-saving sandwich. Yum!

  • Ingredients
    • Bread of your choice (preferably more than one slice)
    • Turkey lunch meat
    • Cranberry jam (or jam of your choice. Target only carries so many things)
    • Canned vegetables of your choice
  • Directions
    • Clear off that desk that has all the work you’ve let pile up so you have space to work on.
    • Wash your hands.
    • Dry your hands.
    • Lay out a paper towel or plate if you’re feeling fancy.
    • Lay out your pieces or piece of bread.
    • Remove some turkey from the packaging and place it on one piece of bread.
    • Open the jar of jam.
    • Realize that you don’t have any silverware because why would you need silverware when the dining hall gives you silverware with the food they make for you.
    • Secure silverware of your choice.
    • Spread jam on the other piece of bread. Or the same one if you’re feeling bold.
    • Realize before opening the vegetables that you do not own a can opener.
    • Realize before trying to find a can opener that you have no vessel to safely heat the can of vegetables in.
    • Look at the package of turkey.
    • Look at the jar of jam.
    • Briefly consider creating a substantial amount of food waste to safely heat the vegetables in.
    • Make your choice.
    • Safely heat the vegetables.
    • Insert whatever fits onto one piece of bread.
    • Put the pieces together.
    • Bite.
    • Realize how much you miss your mother’s cooking.

And that is Thanksgiving dinner as done by the dorm lifestyle. Only one more month until Winter break, and if you are looking to make a Christmas dinner in the same way, either reconsider your choices or stay tuned!

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