Festival Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

By Briana Fields 




With summer comes music festival season, and with that comes festival fashion. Whether you’re off to Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, Country Thunder, or any of the other hundreds of festivals around the country, here are some of the fashion do’s and don’ts:

Don’t wear overalls, rompers, or jumpsuits  –  basically anything that might be difficult to take off quickly. Festivals mean Port-A-Potties. No matter how cute your outfit looks, you’ll most likely regret it when you find yourself having to get fully undressed just to go to the bathroom.




Do dress for the weather. I’ve seen people enter Lollapalooza dressed for the beach when the forecast for the day said 60 degrees and rainy. If it’s going to get cold, bring layers! Still, wearing too much can be just as bad. A maxi dress may feel breezy in the morning, but by mid-afternoon your sweat will be telling you otherwise. Make sure you come prepared for whatever the desert, city or campground may throw at you! Who knows? A raincoat and boots may just save the day.

Don’t wear shoes you’re afraid to mess up. If they’re new, white or expensive, consider skipping them for the festival. You’re going to be walking through mud, dust, and whatever someone in the crowd may spill  –  and they will spill. A lot. Likewise, don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. Seriously, even if you’re wearing sneakers, your feet are going to be tired by the end of the day, so I would suggest not even messing with unsupportive sandals or non-breathable boots. Wear shoes that have already been broken in and you know you can count on.

Do wear something with pockets. On a practical level, it’s unlikely that you’ll regret prioritizing function over fashion, not that you can’t combine the two (haven’t you heard that fanny packs are in?) You’re going to want easy access to your cash, lineup and phone, so make sure to consider pockets when planning.

Don’t feel like you have to go full ~ Coachella ~ if that isn’t you! You should be comfortable, so don’t feel pressured to dress up in any particular way just because that’s what seems like the trendy thing to do. No one else really cares what you’re wearing, so stick to your own style and whatever feels right rather than trying to recreate something you’ve seen on Instagram.

Do wear sunscreen. Protect yourself, kids! Not only will your skin thank you when you don’t burn, sunscreen will also reduce your risk for heat exhaustion. Make sure you’re staying hydrated all day and head to the shade every once in a while, too.

Don’t wear cultural items. Headdresses are 100 percent not required festival wear. Just don’t do it. It makes people uncomfortable, and honestly, you’re not going to want to wear it around all day anyway.

Do bring your coolest pair of sunglasses. It’s something you might not think of until you’re there, but you’ll appreciate them once the sun comes out. Also, they’re always a good look!




Don’t wear anything designer. If you invested in a piece, you’re going to be really bummed when it gets ruined by rain, sweat, and/or someone else’s spilled beer. You’re also highly likely to lose things. If you’d be devastated to see something go, you’re better off leaving it at home.

Do wear what you want to wear! At the end of the day, you should just try to have fun, so if wearing a certain outfit will help you achieve that, go for it. Like I said, no one will really care what you’re wearing  –  if you’re willing to sacrifice comfort or function for aesthetics, you do you. Enjoy yourself!



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