Last Second Plans for Spring Break

By Kelli Walker

So at the last minute you finally decide to go on a spring break trip? No problem! There are many awesome destinations out there to explore, and The Spread has the one for you.


1.) Home Sweet Home


Credit: Favim


Wait, do not skip over this suggestion! Because let’s be real – there’s no place like home.

But seriously, have you really experienced everything your hometown has to offer? Most likely not. There are lots of commercials your state or city shows on television every day, highlighting all the fun things that tourists can do. So explore your own city as a tourist! Go beyond what’s familiar and see all the other exciting things in your state. Who knows, you might fall in love with your home even more.


2.) Cruises


Credit: Tumblr


The next best idea is catching a sweet deal on a cruise trip. With a cruise, you get to explore different locations in a short amount of time without burning holes in your pockets. With a guaranteed place to stay, provided food, beautiful destinations and peaceful waves all around, this is definitely a big win.


3.) Road Trip


Credit: Tumblr


Instead of being surrounded by the ocean, you could also be surrounded by your friends and loved ones on four wheels. Car trips aren’t necessarily a new phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be exciting.


So gather up your closest friends or siblings and pick any spot on the map to explore. Crank up the tunes (check out The Spread’s Road Trip Playlist, hit the gas station for some sweet, salty, and (most importantly) junky snacks, and roll those windows down! After all, the journey is the reward.




Featured image is from Pinterest.

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