Journaling as a Form of Self-Care

By Kelli Walker


Credit: Tumblr


Insecurities can arise for many different reasons, so I will give you some tips on how you can form a stronger foundation of loving yourself!
As you may have noticed from the title, most of these tips are going to require you to journal your progress. Some of these tips may seem common, while others may be new and interesting to you.
1.) Good ol’ Diary
Credit: The Daily Dot


No matter your age, there is nothing wrong with journaling how your day went and how you feel about experiencing certain events. Some people may not feel comfortable going to others about something private, so this is a greatnway to release any emotion you have instead of keeping it bottled up inside.
2.) Speak It to Existence, or Write It!
Credit: Motherburg
If you have any personal goals that you would like to accomplish such as being better at cooking, having a better attitude, or being more into fitness (to name a few), then feel free to write them down and post them on your wall so you don’t forget. As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”
3.) Time Heals all Wounds, but Poetry can Heal Too
Credit: Tumblr
Sometimes words can break or heal a person. Let your words inspire others to love themselves as you are learning to love yourself. For example, if you have a physical characteristic that you aren’t fond of, then write a poem about it with a positive twist – such as the fact that your mother or ancestors have the same feature, for example. Sometimes our differences, or what we consider to be flaws, are the most beautiful things to someone else.
Overall, building self-love isn’t always easy. It takes time to learn to love yourself, but it’s something that no one else will be able to take away from you once you do. Self love is the best love.

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