Do Essential Oils Do Anything Besides Smell Nice?

By Melanie Smith


Credit: Don’t Mess With Mama


Each essential oil has its own specific purpose. Yes, they do smell nice, but essential oils can be used in so many other ways. The website Dr. Axe features 101 different ways to use essential oils. Some of these options include cleaning, for spa and relaxation, for skin and beauty, and as natural medicine. However, each oil cannot be used in the same way, so it is important to do your research before using an essential oil.

Essential oils are generally used in four ways: aromatically, topically, internally, and externally. Aromatic application is more than just smelling good; some other benefits include an uplifting effect on one’s mood, increased indoor air quality, and help with one’s sinuses or allergies. There are multiple ways to diffuse essential oils for this purpose, such as using a diffuser, inhaling directly, inhaling indirectly (by  adding drops to a pillowcase), or by using a humidifier.


Credit: AromaWeb


Before using an essential oil topically, make sure to find out if it is safe to use on skin and do a patch test first. You can dilute the oil to help spread it over a wider area and decrease the chance of an allergic reaction. You can also use essential oils in a massage, over a specific area, as part of skin care routine or lotions, or even in a bath. Using essential oils internally comes with some precautions because not all of these oils are safe. You can use them for cooking, drinking or as a supplement, but be careful and do your research before using them.

Essential oils can also be used externally in many ways around the home. You can use them when cleaning, washing clothes, or even to remove stains. Before purchasing essential oils for this purpose, make sure the site or place you are buying from is creating high quality essential oils, because not all oils are the same quality. Read lots of reviews on the brands, because sometimes, spending more money means you are getting a better product.


Credit: Consumer Health Digest



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