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2017’s Hottest Summer Colors

By Jane Lee


I Pinky Swear, Pink Is In




Whether it be accents of pastel or fuchsia, all forms of pink are acceptable this summer. Looking for a semi-casual ensemble with a hint of pink? Wearing an A-line or pencil skirt with pink tones can keep you looking cool and bold. A lightweight pink trouser is another way to stay fresh and neat for brunch or a dinner date, and perhaps even a fashionable look for the office. If you’re afraid that pink isn’t suitable for you, consider it one more time. You can add small accents of pink to any outfit, whether it be through a handbag or your shoes. Wearing a more casual outfit like a classic tee and denim with an accessory that adds a pop of flair is a fun way to explore different colors in your wardrobe.


Electric Blue? Yes, Please!




Summer is all about music festivals. What better way to rock this summer than to add electric blue to your look? This is a bold color, and if you’re shy about being too accentuated, don’t fret. You can play around with this color by buying cute accessories like a crossbody bag with tassels, all-blue sunglasses, or even light linen shirts embroidered with electric blue patterns. If you’re really feeling daring, go all out and dress head to toe in this shade. Whether it be a shirt/pants, shirt/skirt combo or a vividly blue dress, add in more accessories with similar vibrant blue hues. Dare to go bold and stand out among the festival-goers this summer.


Mellow Yellow


yellow new


Mr. Golden Sun definitely has some competition this summer. Do you have what it takes to outshine one of the hottest and radiant stars out there? With 2017 summer colors being bold and vibrant, it will take all of your confidence and drive to style a color like yellow. From high-waisted trousers to culottes to off-the-shoulder dresses, look for something in this chic shade. Channel your inner fashionista and see how much fun you can have styling this color throughout the summer. Maybe you’ll fall in love with all of these trending shades and will want to keep them all year round!



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One Reply to “2017’s Hottest Summer Colors”

  1. Pink, electric blue and mellow yellow. These colors are so “summer”! The color makes me feel happy in the summer. There is something refreshing about vibrant colors that warm my heart.

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