Downtown Urbana Farmer’s Market

By Vanessa Herrera



It’s a Saturday morning and you find yourself bored with nothing to do. Why not head over to the farmer’s market located in downtown Urbana? It’s a hidden gem in the quiet town that most have not discovered.

Even if you are not a morning person it is worth it to get up and be surrounded by the homey atmosphere. Rain or shine the farmer’s market starts at 7 a.m. and ends at noon. You better set your alarm clocks! The market becomes part of the community from May until November, where local artisans and growers not only sell their goods but also let you experience them.




The sounds of local artists performing at the farmer’s market can be heard from a block away. The closer you get, the stronger the scent of baked goods gets, making your mouth water with necessity of finding out what they are. Once you find the source of the heavenly smell, your taste buds get an explosion of flavor and sometimes become nostalgic, reminding you of home.




Your stomach sings of happiness and now it’s time to explore the market. You’re hit with numerous colors, especially on a sunny day, as if a painter accidentally knocked over all their colors. From flowers being sold to art pieces on display, you get to admire and appreciate every detail that someone put time into. Each stand contains a smile from someone who doesn’t treat you like a stranger, but rather a community member. If you’re lucky enough, the food stands will let you try some of their goods, convincing you to purchase them and take a little piece of happiness back home.

Some of the best things at the farmer’s market are the honey sticks. Honey sticks are honey in a small thin plastic tube offered in numerous flavors, such as strawberry or watermelon. If you don’t know what to purchase, go for the honey sticks that last a long time and will remind you of summer days during the winter.

I highly recommend visiting the market at least once. It’s an experience that will make you forget any troubles you have for a second. Cold weather weeks are approaching but upon entering the market it becomes warm like a hug, just like home.



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