Top Trends from NYFW

By Tajah Ware


As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, I’m admiring all the upcoming 2017 trends. I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for some of the trends I had already predicted.

This upcoming season is all about textures, silk and velvet being my favorite. Brandon Maxwell, one of GaGa’s favorite designers, debuted his spring line at NYFW and it was elegant, versatile and downright pretty. Maxwell’s line consisted of predominantly silk pieces.

19-fashion-pr-brandon-maxwell-spring-2017-ready-to-wear-collection-for-nyfw-683x1024 _umb6461


Sander Lak, the designer that swore off black, debuted his line Sies Marjan. The pieces were bright but not overbearing, calm but not dull, and silk made an appearance! From the silk pants to the slip dresses, this collection turns heads.





Vivacious velvet was the theme of Victoria Beckham’s line at Fashion Week. I’m usually not into suits, but I love the velvet white number in Beckham’s line. Along with bralettes, Victoria has rectified herself – not that she needed it – as the Posh Spice once again.

“I’m very into the silk and velvet trend right now. I just ordered a silk dress,” said Sophomore Erica David-Johnson, a business major with an interest in fashion. Textures are the “it” thing this upcoming spring season and so is metallic, my favorite trend thus far.

Marc Jacobs, the guy with the smart mouth, definitely doesn’t have a knack for being culturally correct or sensitive – but he does know how to design some clothes. His metallic jacket number really blew me away. The blondes also did that when it came to debuting the Spring 2017 line. Their metallic bombers and dresses were beautifully futuristic, yet  not in a Zenon Z3 type of way.



Sequins and bright colors could not be missed on the runways. The sequins take me back to the days I shopped at Express when it was trending. Alexander Wang’s iridescent sequin dress dazzled.



Monse also does a great job of making show-stopping pieces that aren’t over the top. This allover sequin orange dress is an attention getter without being overly elaborate, and I love that.

Jessica Choi, Junior at the University of Illinois,  said,“one vivid color in an  outfit is my thing.”

I’m usually not impressed by NYFW or trends alone.  However, this year really surprised me. Fashion is constantly changing, reshaping and developing, and this year’s NYFW proved that fashion goes beyond fads. There’s always something exotic to be excited for.



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