An Open Letter to my Best Friend

By Vanessa Herrera





College is an era in one’s life where it becomes a roller coaster through new people and experiences.  And who other to share these experiences than with your best friend. I was blessed to have one of my two best friends from high school attend the same university as me, but my heart broke when my other best friend moved to the other side of the country.  And if you’re like me, no amount of technology can replace the moments you miss doing with your best friend.


Dear Best Friend,

I Miss Talking with You.

There are days when the only person that would “get me” would be you.  There’s so much I want to tell you but it’s not the same through the phone.  I can’t see your expressions as I tell you about that one cute boy from class just as I can’t see yours over the dread of your assignments.  I miss talking to you about everything and nothing at all.  Talking with you makes hours seem like minutes leading us to beg the day to extend its hours.

I Miss Hugging You.

When everything seems to be going downhill, all I want at the end of the day is a hug from you.  And even when I don’t know I need a hug, you know when I need them.  So until we meet again, I’ll have to receive what you call “phone hugs.”

I Miss Being a Foodie/Coffee Addict with You.

From exploring new gelato places to finding espresso green tea lattes, it’s always a food adventure with you.  To the world we are coffee addicts, but to ourselves we are simply coffee critics.  I miss stuffing my face at new found places where we later complain about our food babies.  And let’s face it, you never judge me when I take a photo of our food or drinks.

I Miss Watching Shows/Movies Together.

You introduced me to cooking, home improvement and style shows, becoming a guilty pleasure to watch.  Who else is going to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and critique the style or the bride’s family?  Who is going to ogle over the Property Brothers or scream at Bobby Flay for winning all the cooking competitions?  Not only do we watch similar shows but our movie taste is analogous as well.  I remember when we went to go see Despicable Me even though you were jetlagged, leading you to miss the entire movie as you slept through it.

I Miss Our Weirdness Together.

Because even when we are eighty, we are probably going to be as weird as we are now.

My ultimate weirdness only comes out when I’m with you because you know everything about me.  People can look at us like we are insane but we secretly laugh at their judging glances.  I miss our random bursts of laughter that are sometimes geared towards nothing.  I miss people watching and making up stories about them.  And I miss our other little weird doings, because you’re the only one I do them with.

I Miss Our Random Outbursts of Singing and Dancing.

Because only with you do I burst out singing “Dancing Queen” out of nowhere.  Let’s not forget about our hilarious dance skills either.  We probably seem silly to the world as we sing Disney songs but they don’t know how much fun it is to sing without a care in the world.

I Miss Shopping with You.

From the beginning of our friendship, we realized we liked similar styles.  However, I have to admit that you’re always more fashionable than I am.  Nonetheless, I miss our shopping days where we either walk out with numerous bags or none at all.  I count the days till we meet again to play dress-up.

I Miss Listening to You.

I miss just sitting there and letting you talk.  There’s no need for numerous unneeded fillers because they just interrupt the flow of your rant or enthusiasm.  I miss hearing your random comments or words of advice that brighten my day.  I need you there to tell me it’s going to be okay.

I Miss You.

I miss you.  I miss you entirely and wish you were here.  I wish you were here to share every happiness, sadness, and normal things of our lives.  All I can do is wait to pick up from where we left off.  No matter the distance, you’ll always be here in my heart.



Your Best Friend.


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