Confessions of a Snapchat-holic

By Vanessa Herrera




I would like to make a confession over something I have recently come to realize: I am addicted to Snapchat.  Yes, I know, it’s quite shocking.  For those unfamiliar with what Snapchat is, it’s an app that allows you to share a photo or video for a mere matter of seconds with people before it disappears forever.

I was first introduced to Snapchat at the beginning of college.  It was a great way to keep in contact with high school friends who found themselves at different universities, and at times, different statesFrom Facebook to Instagram, there are several methods to communicate.  However, Snapchat takes communication to the next level.  You are able to share instant photos and videos with people without worrying that these images will continue to circulate for years to come.

I Snapchat almost every day.  Am I shamed of it?  No.  Should I try to stop?  No, but I could limit the number of times.  People have let me know that my Snapchats make them laugh or make their day, so why stop?

So, are you curious towards what my Snapchat stories usually contain?  Let’s take a look!


1) Selfies




What would life be without people seeing my wonderful face on their Snapchat?  Kidding!  Once in a while I’ll add a selfie, captioning my shenanigans.  I try to experiment with different angles, filters and poses.  To be honest, my selfies are due to procrastination or boredom.


2) Works of Art




When life gives you a paint palette, make the world a bit more colorful!  I let my fingertip draw away, making a photo even more glorious than it already is.  Give it a try and you’ll find yourself making princesses or finding Waldo’s.


3) Random Little Things in Life




I am hands-down guilty of taking pictures of food or random little things I do.  I like to capture and share the little things in life that give it beauty.  If you are wondering, yes, I cooked the dish shown above and wanted to make my fellow Snapchatters hungry.


4) Family and Friends




I love taking pictures with my friends as well as capturing them doing silly things.  You won’t find any above since they would murder me if I exposed their goofy doings.  One person that you will find constantly on my Snapchat story is my brother (the one holding the saw in the image above).  Whether we’re dancing to “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift or chasing each other with saws, you’ll always get a laugh from us.


5) Landscapes




Most students are always on a rush, going from class to class without noticing their surroundings.  I, on the other hand, take everything in.  When I’m biking or walking to my destination, I can’t help not admire the day.  It’s something that some forget; the beauty of a sunset, a walkway of freshly fallen snow, the shapes of clouds, etc.


These images are just a glance at my Snapchat world.  It’s amazing that we can capture a moment and share it with people who might be one foot away from you or halfway across the world.  However, once in a while we must put our phone down and live the moment, becoming your own secret memory.  I’ve come to an understanding of media taking over our lives.  Slowly, I am learning that not every moment or scenery has to be shared; it’s a moment that can be cherished only by myself.  This doesn’t mean I’ll be putting off Snapchat completely, because as I mentioned before, I love making people smile and laugh, even if it’s only for a few seconds. 


*Image Sources:

Featured image taken from

Images provided by Vanessa Herrera

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