Places to Visit on Campus Before Break

By Ruth Chung


The end of another school year is quickly approaching.  When winter on campus is harsh and spread out a little longer than most of us deem necessary, the arrival of spring becomes that much sweeter.  Before the official arrival of summer, the business of final projects and exams could call for some breaks before traveling from the dorm to the library and back again.  With the warmer weather, here is a list of things to see on campus with your friends before officially packing up and heading home.


  1. Fab Lab




Although this one can be enjoyed all year round, this could be a much-needed breather from the stress of finals and intense workloads.  The Fab Lab is a workshop for anybody in the community with a love for artistic creation or any other kind of desire to create.  The lab has laser engravers, 3D printing and scanning, electronic cutters, computers and softwares and other technologies.  Admission is free, and while anyone is free to bring in their own materials to work with, some materials are available there for purchase.

The Fab Lab is located in Art Annex 2, on 1301 South Goodwin Avenue in Urbana and is open to the public Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2-9 pm and Friday and Sunday from 1-6 pm.  In addition to open hours for all, they also hold classes, workshops and other times to rent out the space.

Here is their website for more information:


  1. Urbana Farmer’s Market




This is a little bit off campus, but it is worth the trip.  The Urbana Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from 7 am to 12 pm (in rain or shine!).  The market has plenty of meats, fresh produce, coffee, doughnuts, flowers, jewelry, music, homemade treats and just about everything else! Visit to shop, eat, or just walk around and enjoy the weather and community.


  1. The Arboretum




The Arboretum is a little garden right next to UIUC’s famous Japan House.  It is part of the Department of Agriculture and it is a sort of laboratory for plants, used for teaching, research as well as just a place for the public to visit.  There are pathways for just walking, but if you’re in need of a nice jog, it is also a nice means of stress-relief while enjoying springtime’s finest plants.

The Arboretum is located on 2001 South Lincoln Avenue in Urbana.  More information can be found here:


  1. Japan House




The Japan House is meant to spread a bit of Japanese culture on campus and to give visitors a place to just relax and experience deep tranquility.  The house is open for tea ceremonies and tours on certain days, but the surrounding gardens are open all the time for visitors to pop in.

Take time to visit the gardens this spring before going back home for the summer. Whether it be a picnic, throwing around a football or even just walking around and soaking in the surroundings, UIUC’s Japan House is a lovely place to go and relax. Its aim is to provide a place of peace for those who are in need of it!

More information can be found here:

Besides these four suggestions, there are plenty more activities to do at the University of Illinois, such as going out to eat, finding a place on the quad to sit and relax, or even visiting your favorite café one last time before break.  Even if you don’t get to visit all of these places this spring, the campus will always be here for students to return, whether it be for another school year or just to relive memories.


*Image Sources:


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