What to Do on Campus Over the Summer

By Molly Cline


University of Illinois’ campus transforms once the spring semester comes to a close. Almost everyone goes home for the summer or goes off to complete an internship somewhere far away.  Despite there being far less people on campus and less going on, there are still a lot of things to do around campus over the summer to curb any boredom.

Here is a list of five things to do on campus over the summer.


  • Take a walk through the Arboretum.




The Arboretum is over 57 acres of beautiful land for your eyes and nose to enjoy.  The smells and sights of all the flowers are worth making the trip.  Whether you go alone or with friends or family, you will be able to walk around for hours.


  • Go see a show at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.




Krannert has tons of events going on all the time.  This could be something that you try out once, or you may end up loving it and go back every week.

*A full list of events can be found on Krannert’s website.


  • Go for a swim at the ARC.




Whether you want to just lay in a chair and get some sun or spend the day swimming, getting a little fresh air is always good.  Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!


  • Take a walk around campus.




With the campus population significantly decreased over the summer, there is a chance that you might see something you have never seen before if you walk around campus and pay attention to all the sights and sounds.


  • Visit Allerton Park.




This one might be hard if you don’t have a car.  It’s about 30 miles from campus, but the park is definitely worth the drive.  If you want something a little more than the Arboretum and are looking for an all-day activity, pack a picnic and head out to Allerton!


As you can see, there are plenty of things to do on campus over the summer.  It doesn’t have to be a boring summer.  Make the most out of your time as you remain on UIUC’s campus.


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