St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

By Kelli Walker


As March quickly approaches, so does St. Patrick’s Day.  Whether you’re Irish (lucky you!) or not, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the great treats and recipes that comes with the holiday.  The Spread is here to offer you a full course meal of St. Patrick’s recipes that just might become your favorite meal.


1. Appetizer – Emerald Isle Dip


Steps for Recipe:

Before the main course arrives, you always need a slight teaser and what better way to that than an appetizer?  This amazing appetizer can serve up to 32 people and only takes 20 minutes to make, with the level of spiciness solely dependent on your desires.  The great thing about it is that you already own a majority of the ingredients!


2. Main Course #1 –  Glazed Corn Beef


Steps for Recipe:

This meal goes great with any steamed vegetable of your choice, and it will never disappoint your guests when served.


3. Main course #2 (for the potato lovers) – St. Paddy’s Irish Beef Dinner


Steps for Recipe:–paddy-s-irish-beef-dinner

This dinner consists of everything from meat to spices to vegetables, all mixed in with warm, delicious mashed potatoes.  This is a dish that no one will be able to resist from the first bite to the last.


4. For the big finale of the night – Emerald Isle Cake


Steps for Recipe:

This dessert will leave your guests’ mouths watering after just one bite of its buttery vanilla taste.  A special ingredient gives this cake an Irish kick.


5. After all of these great recipes, you might need something to wash them down with –Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Steps for Recipe:

This drink is smooth enough to end your night on the right note.  This warm and minty hot cocoa is the perfect, tasteful treat for your guests.  It embodies all of the qualities that St. Patrick’s Day can bring – a full stomach and night full of laughter.



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