Bubble Tea Craze

By Vanessa Herrera


Bubble tea has taken over the college campus of UIUC. Left and right, new shops are opening and introducing a whole new innovation to those who have yet to try this lusciously crafted drink.

The drink is a tea-based drink that is mixed with whatever flavor you wish and enjoyed either frozen or chilled with ice. Flavors can range from vanilla or mango to avocado or rose; the flavor selection is endless. But that’s not all, you have the option of ordering the drink with tapioca, which are chewy starch balls.

With so many shops opening, you’re left with one question: who has the best bubble tea?

As I was making my way down UGL, I came across student who was drinking none other than bubble tea. I approached her with the intention of solving this dilemma.




The Spread: Firstly, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Kely: Hi! My name is Kely. K-E-L-Y because double ‘L’ is ew.

TS: What’s your favorite bubble tea place here at U of I and why?

K: Latea, because I like tea and they also offer salted caramel which is so not EW!

TS: What other places have you tried?

K: I’ve tried Chatime but they have less options.

TS: Do you find yourself buying more bubble tea now compared to before?

K: Yes! I’ve been to Latea four times in the past four weeks. That’s like 25 dollars right there, all that money.

TS: Do you call them boba, pearls, or tapioca?

K: I like calling them pearls so I feel like I’m rich but in reality I’m a poor college student.

TS: What’s your go-to drink?

K: Salted caramel with less ice, less sweet, and pearls.

TS: Seems like you’re a bubble tea expert. Have any advice for Bubble Tea virgins out there who might want to give it a try?

K: Of course! Always go for pearls.


That’s only one opinion out of millions. However, the only one that can choose which one is the best is yourself. So go out there and go on a bubble tea spree. Let the best bubble tea win your taste buds.



*Image Sources:

Featured image taken from http://www.vitaminsdoc.com/

Photograph courtsey of Vanessa Herrera

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