Look good and feel good this Valentine’s day

By Kate Fox

Valentine’s Day on a snowy February day doesn’t mean that you can’t go out looking your best. Whatever it is you have planned, figuring out what to wear is always a struggle. The question is:  do I  dress cute, hot or comfortable? Here are a few suggestions to make it easier for you.


Fancy Dinner Date

Ladies, it’s OK to be a bit cliché today, and play up the reds and pinks. Pink is a cute color, but red is sexy. For an upscale night out opt for sexy and go with a red lace dress like Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift.

Netflix Date

A night in can be just as fun as a night out. Stay comfortable and warm in a sweater, but keep it festive with the details like this one with the heart cut out. Wear a sweater like this with some leggings and cute slippers, and you’re set for a cozy, quiet night in with your Valentine.

Ice Skating Date

Going out in this weather might be a challenge, but it shouldn’t stop you! Ice skating is the perfect fun and romantic date this time of year. A fashionable coat and hat can make all the difference in your outfit. Opt for a cream-colored trench coat with a big collar. Curl your hair and finish it with a red beanie, and you’ll definitely win your crush’s heart.

Movie Date

A dark movie theater does not mean you shouldn’t dress nice. It’s important to have the perfect date outfit at the movies. Maybe you’ll be watching a romance like Endless Love or you’ll be in the theater not watching the movie at all, who knows? Whatever it is you do, you can’t go wrong with an off the shoulder top. It’s casual enough to pair with jeans but sexy enough to drive your man nuts. Pair with a matching bow and sparkly earrings and you’ll have the perfect outfit.

Out With the Girls

Valentine’s day can still be fun without a special someone! Make it a Galentine’s day with your girls. Get together, doll yourself up, go out and don’t worry about impressing anyone but yourself. The more sparkles the better, but go with your own personal style. Valentine’s Day is no reason to be sad and single. Go out and celebrate!

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