DIY Halloween Decor

By Sara Addis //

Pumpkin Carving


Head to your local pumpkin patch and grab a few pumpkins. Make sure to also pick up a carving knife or two! Although this activity does require supplies, it can be accomplished in the comfort of your own kitchen. From scary to silly faces and finishing them off with a candle inside, this traditional Halloween DIY is fun for the whole dorm room or apartment. 

Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Wine bottle candlesticks

As college students, we all either have a wine bottle laying around or at least know someone who does. Paint the bottle black and insert an orange candle onto the opening. Make sure it is thick enough that it will not fall into the bottle. This simple and spooky candle is the perfect decor for any room and will be sure to put you in the Halloween mood! 

Bubbling Cauldron


My favorite childhood memory on Halloween was seeing the bubbling cauldron at each house I trick-or-treated at. Although this year is a little different, you can still bring a taste of Halloween into your home. Get any bucket, spray paint it black, and add some frozen ice and a little water. This will create a smoky effect, ensuring your decor will be Halloween-appropriate. 

Paper Silhouettes


Trying to add some spooky shadows to your decor? Take some black paper, trace any object with a pencil and cut out the shape. Cut out two more small rectangles and bend them together to create a stand for your creature. These spooky shadows are easy to make and a great way to use materials you will already have at home!

Balloon Spiders

Balloon spiders

Available at any party store, black balloons are so useful to add any creepy or crawly creature to your Halloween decor! Blow up one large black balloon for the spider’s body and a smaller balloon for the spider head. Tie or tape the balloon knots together to create the full body. Next, take four pipe cleaners and bend each in half. Tie the bent part of the pipe cleaner to the knot of the balloons. Repeat this four times to create eight legs. With just a simple piece of tape, these spiders can be placed anywhere and are sure to spook your guests! 

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