Beauty Trends Throughout the Decade

By Maddie Hayes


The 2010s were filled with some of the most unforgettable beauty and style trends. Looking back on this decade, here are just a few of the most unique trends from each year.


2010: Winged Eyeliner and Contouring

Winged eyeliner is a way to achieve a dramatic eye look while making your eyes appear larger. This trend became big in 2010 and has continued to remain a staple in many looks throughout the decade. Contouring is a technique used to sculpt your face. It involves using a concealer to highlight some parts of your face while using a bronzer or dark concealer to define other parts. Again, a staple of the decade.


2011: Natural Makeup and Bright Lips

Going for a light, natural face and eye look paired with a bright lip became big in 2011. This is a great way to go for a subtle look that still has a little something.


2012: French Nails and the Accent Nail

2012 was all about the nails. There were countless notable trends for nails in 2012, some of which include french manicures and accent nails. While the french manicure is still seen, it definitely peaked in 2012. Accent nails were also a fun way to spice up your nail look without going overboard.


2013: Pixie Cuts and Orange Eyeshadow

From Shailene Woodley to Jennifer Hudson to Beyoncé, 2013 was definitely the year of the pixie cut. It was feminine yet sleek and gave women the opportunity to have glamorous, manageable hair. Bright, bold eyeshadow colors were a big trend in 2013. This look was meant to turn heads and grab people’s attention.


2014: Bobs and Colored Hair

What started as a celebrity trend on Instagram quickly became the fun, new hairstyle everyone wanted to try. Pastel hair was inspired by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry, which was just the beginning of this worldwide hair trend. It was also popular to go for a shorter look with a bob. Bobs are cut just below the jawline and work to frame the face.  


2015: Liquid Lipstick and Baking

With the incredibly successful launch of Kylie Cosmetics, liquid lipsticks quickly became an essential item in any makeup lover’s collection. Liquid lipstick typically has a matte finish, but other finishes like demi-matte, velvet and satin have all become popular as well. Baking is a technique used to make sure your makeup stays put while also giving your face a matte finish. 


2016: No-Makeup Look and Thick Brows

No makeup is a cost-effective and efficient way to wear your makeup. It’s all about minimalism with this one. Tinted sunscreen is a great way to achieve this look rather than using foundation and concealer. Usually the eyes are kept very simple, using a bit of mascara to define them a little bit. Also called the “Instagram brow,” perfectly shaped and full-looking brows were the most sought after look starting in 2016. This look is usually achieved using brow pomades, definer pencils and setting gel.


2017: No-Heat Styling and Cut Crease Eyeshadow

No-heat styling utilized household products to shape your hair into curls overnight. There are several techniques to accomplish this involving items from socks to straws. Cut crease eyeshadow is a bold look that dramatically defines your eyes. Concealer is used to create the desired effect of making your eyes appear larger. 


2018: Eccentric Eyebrows and Lip Tints

2018 was the year of the creative eyebrows. There were all types of trends circulating Instagram like shaving parts of your brow or making your eyebrows appear squiggly. Lip tints also made it big, as they act as a semi-permanent color stain that is sure to last all day and night.


2019: Powder Dip Nails and Body Highlighter

Powder dip nails have been one of the biggest trends in 2019. Many people have gone from no-chip manicures to dip manicures this year, and it seems to be becoming a staple. With the introduction of Rihanna’s “Body Lava,” body highlighter took the country by storm. It was soon picked up by other prominent makeup brands such as Huda Beauty, ColourPop Cosmetics and Dior.

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