Glossier Generation G Review

By Indira Midha


Version 2


As a brand, I used to think that Glossier was over hyped and overpriced. Then I tried their products, and wow, I’m in love!

Glossier has become really appealing to me for a variety of reasons. First, they stand firmly against all forms of animal testing. I refuse to buy cosmetic products that use cruel forms of testing against animals because one, I find it ethically incorrect, and two, I don’t want to put a product on my skin that needed to be tested on an animal because it was thought to be potentially dangerous to a human being. This is a chat for another day, but I think the fact that Glossier cares about animals is an important part of this brand’s appeal.

The other reason I really love Glossier is because they care about the people wearing their products. They encourage skincare before makeup application, and a great amount of their packaging has body positive or empowering quotes on it (all of their boxes say “you look good,”) so they aim to promote good physical health and positive self-image in their customers. This is lovely, if you ask me.

In terms of Glossier’s products, I would say they are perfect for creating natural, fresh-faced looks with the accentuation of one specific feature. For instance, one could create bold brows with Glossier’s Boybrow while keeping their skin fresh and lips sheer. My favorite product that I have tried so far, however, is the Generation G Lipstick. I own it in the lighter nude shade “Cake,” and the medium nude shade “Leo” (which I am pictured wearing above).

As somebody who likes to keep it quick and light for everyday looks, these lippies are just what I needed. While you can choose bolder colors from the six-piece collection, the finish of these products is quite sheer. I like how they give off a “your lips, but better” vibe with soft sweeps of color. I often forget the product is on my lips, and it doesn’t bleed off quickly onto cups or straws, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Overall, the formula of these lipsticks leaves your lips feeling extremely moisturized after using them, really making these babies a worthwhile splurge.




Image featured in this article was provided by the author. 

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