EIC’s Top Picks for July




Dear Readers,


I hope you have all had a wonderful break so far! We are well into the summer now, with a whirlwind of jobs, vacations, and ever-climbing temperatures to keep us on our toes. Our days are certainly getting busier, but there is still plenty of fun to be had this month – even if your calendar is brimming with plans! Here are my suggestions for some things to eat, drink, and do this July to make each day a little brighter.




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Where would the summer be without s’mores? Nothing screams “late-night-backyard-bonfires” like charred marshmallows and molten chocolate oozing from the edges of crispy graham crackers. Did you even go camping if s’mores weren’t involved? Regardless of where or how you eat them, these desserts are always a great way to bring your friends and family together. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always try an unconventional s’mores recipe like the ones shown in the following video!


Video Source: Lovebites





Credit: Tumblr


Need a quick and healthy breakfast before work, or a refreshing pick-me-up after? A smoothie packed with fruits, vegetables, and fresh greens is the way to go. With minimal preparation required, you can easily whip up a smoothie or two (or five) throughout your week. For a particularly long day or workout, adding some protein or vitamin powder will help to provide an extra energy boost.





Working on some DIY projects, however large or small, is a great way to relieve stress and stay productive in your free time. You could decorate a pencil cup for your desk at work, or iron patches onto a favorite ballcap to escape the sun’s rays in style. There are plenty of DIY websites, Pinterest boards and YouTube channels to get you in the crafty spirit, but Lauren Riihimaki (better known as LaurDIY) has some of the cutest and easiest projects to help you get started. Above is one of her recent videos, which offers some décor ideas for your summer housing, or for your room at home or at school.




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The sheen on CDs has officially found its place in fashion. Holographic clothes, jewelry and accessories have surged in popularity this year, with many major clothing retailers incorporating these shimmery pieces into their lines (you should see the selection at Forever 21). While a holographic jacket may be a bit too bold for everyday wear, you could easily – and more discretely – rock the trend with your manicure. Holographic polish adds a touch of glam to any outfit, and its mesmerizing glimmer will draw in plenty of compliments. Many stores sell holographic polish for a reasonable price, including Walmart, so this trend is easily attainable. Happy painting!




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With temperatures often reaching the 90s, it’s important to stay cool whenever you can – so you know what that means… CANNONBALL! Even if bellyflopping doesn’t appeal to you, spending time at the pool, or any body of water, is the classic way to beat the heat. And now that we’re in the age of fashionable pool floats, it’s even easier to appreciate the water and work on that summer tan, all while looking nothing short of fabulous – Sharpay would be proud.



Credit: The Odyssey Online






Original sparklers image is from Tumblr

Graphic edited and created by Madison Gillespie

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