Swinging Back Into Things: Regaining Productivity After Break

By Jane Lee




Daily routines stick to us like a habit. They’re just there, engraved into our minds. At times we don’t even need to think twice about what we have to do or what we are doing because we naturally find ourselves doing just what we need to get done. Whether it be getting ready, a makeup routine, fitness plans, or an eating schedule, there are so many elements in life that can be packaged into a habitual system.

But what about a semesterly routine? After a long summer break, returning to campus and the grind of studying can be tough and stressful. Before we realize it, we’ve gotten back into the swing of things after a few weeks have passed. Winter break quickly approaches, spring semester arrives, and then we have to adjust to new sleeping schedules and study plans, like hopping from different libraries to classrooms. These little factors that were once so easy to do are hard to get right back into.




Motivation is the greatest factor to getting back on track. Remembering why you are here or why you’re doing the things you’re essentially doing is important. Another huge motivational factor is the fact that it’s a new year! New year, new you, right? Whether it be your status as a student and wanting to maintain a high GPA or desiring to get your summer body and meeting your fitness goals, there are certain things that we always aim for. With that in mind, when you feel like you’re too burnt out to study, remember all the effort that you’ve put in to be at the University of Illinois and the cost of being here. When you’re feeling exhausted and take a 30-minute jog, remember that summer is nearly 3 months away. Hold tight to your goals and motivate yourself to succeed.

As difficult as it may seem, motivation is the simplest way to getting into a routine that will keep you on track.




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