Welcome to the December Issue

December 2015


Hello everyone and welcome back! The Spread’s December 2015 Issue is finally here and sure not to disappoint! We have another round of incredible stories this month, ranging from innovative New Years DIY Decorations and stimulating Christmas playlists to an enlightening observation of holidays around the world.

In this issue, we have tried to streamline the different elements of the soon ending year. We all have something deep inside of our psyches that crave a celebration where we put aside our differences and count down to midnight on New Year’s Eve. As the winter air gets colder and the atmosphere of conclusion and finality truly starts to set in, we focus on the ultimate holiday season of the year, and everything that comes with it–from baking delicious Christmas treats to snuggling up to some timeless Christmas movies with loved ones. The month of December is truly magical and inspiring for us all as we finish the year of 2015 off with a bang and eagerly anticipate the many exploits to come in 2016, good and bad alike.

Be sure to be inspired from reading up on our New Years Resolutions overview. Stop by our Q/A session with Ocean Glass and see what the band is up to this year. Read up on the romantic adventures you can have as the frosty weather starts to set in! Losing your sanity in finals season? Be sure to check out our guaranteed survival guide. Take a trip down Memory Lane and reminisce about the toys you loved in Christmases past.

We want you to know that despite the challenges of life within the boundaries of college and beyond, no-one should escape the magic of Christmas and the wonders every new year brings. Even something as simplistic and humble as gathering around the Christmas tree and spending a few peaceful days in the circle of your loved ones is crucial to us all. So carouse, clink glasses, and party away into the dawn of what is sure to be a truly blessed New Year.

Happy reading!


With love,

Hana Hong, EIC


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