UIUC Student Fashion: Winter Edition

By Madison Gillespie


Happy December, Chambana!  The holiday season is settling over UIUC like a fresh blanket of snow, which the campus will get plenty of in the coming months.  With a long winter season to come, fashionable students face the ultimate test: putting together a successful look in spite of weather conditions.  It’s definitely a challenge to find balance between style and comfort this time of year, but not impossible.  The following students are proof that cute winter fashion is achievable at the University of Illinois.




When dealing with clothes it is important to be cohesive, regardless of the season.  There are only so many colors and patterns that can be worn together successfully in an outfit. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid creating a disorganized look.  One important thing is to keep accessories simple, so that not too much extra is going on.  This student’s outfit exemplifies this advice.  Her scarf and hat coordinate perfectly with her top, and by wearing a striped hat as well as a striped shirt, she doesn’t have to worry about the pattern getting lost beneath her coat.  Even her coat and boots complement each other, the rich olives and browns adding earth tones to the ensemble.




With winter comes layers, so many layers that it can often be hard to tell what a student has on underneath.  As a result, the majority of this season’s fashion comes from outerwear.  There are plenty of coats and vests to choose from, but one category always stands out: the pea coat.  This type of coat has been a wintry classic for years, and this student has made the trend hers.  She pairs her gray coat with lined leggings, knee-high socks and leather boots.  These adorably cozy accessories will keep her warm on especially cold days.  The gold accents on her infinity scarf add a touch of sparkle, perfect for the holidays.  Her floral headband is a great finishing touch.




Warm, elegant and versatile, pea coats can be worn many different ways, to match any style.  While this student also wears a gray pea coat, her outfit has a much different vibe.  Her short brown boots make the coat appear longer on her, creating a cute, oversized look.  This student also plays more with color variety, combining her gray coat with a royal blue scarf and a mint beanie.  The blues and grays make an excellent winter palette, the cool colors reflective of the temperatures of the season.  This outfit may differ from the one before, but each is quite stylish in its own way.




As noted previously, color schemes can affect the overall feel of a particular outfit.  In the case of this student, the deep, hearty tones of her ensemble give off a warm and inviting feeling.  Her cream-colored cardigan has a soft, girly look to it, and it looks even cozier paired with the brown fur-lined coat and leather boots.  The long red scarf complements the look perfectly, the variants in color creating a cool ombré effect.




Cable-knit sweaters and down vests are a great combination in the winter.  They are an excellent way to stay warm without the bulk of a thick, heavy coat.  By pairing her sweater and vest with stretchy leggings and tall socks, this student will be comfy as well as warm.  Her Hunter rain boots will also help her navigate through patches of half-melted slush on campus.  Comfortable and practical, this outfit will be perfect throughout these colder months.




And of course, the winter season would not be complete without a fun holiday sweater!  Some may argue that these “ugly” sweaters are by no means fashionable, but this student’s outfit proves otherwise.  Her blue and red holiday sweater, paired with a red knit hat, royal blue coat and cuffed jeans creates a funky and festive ensemble.  Her black combat boots give the look a hard edge and add to its hipstery feel.  With the right accessories, any day can be an ugly sweater day at UIUC, and considering the subzero wind gusts and upcoming final exams, a little extra holiday spirit never hurt anyone.


The rest of 2015 is sure to go by fast, so make the most of the holiday season before it’s gone.  Stay stylish, stay warm and most importantly, stay happy.  Have a great December, UIUC!



*Image Sources:

All photos taken by Madison Gillespie

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