Valentine’s Day is for single people too

By Ariell Carter-Cameron

Valentine’s day, the day candy sales will skyrocket and singles everywhere will cringe. If you’re single like me, Friday comes around, and you’re dreading it, but don’t worry there are some things that will make the day bearable.

First: If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to avoid the quad at all costs. Even when I had a boyfriend last year, I found myself annoyed by all the public affection and giant stuffed animals. I’m not sure when it happened, but Valentine’s Day has become a competition. Why didn’t my boyfriend get me a bouquet of 75 roses? Why isn’t my girl dressing up in $200 lingerie for me? Why does it matter?

Second: Make a playlist. Put together the best playlist of all your favorite songs! Then, when you see that annoying couple at the bus stop whispering to each other and giving Eskimo kisses, just put on “Partition,” channel your inner Beyoncé and I promise your day will be better.

Third: Go out. V-day falls on a Friday this year and sitting in your apartment sulking isn’t going to make it better. The best way to look at it is that the majority of the people in relationships will be holed up with their significant other so your chances of getting that number at the bar have skyrocketed.

Fourth: Spoil yourself. Even though you don’t have someone special to buy for or to buy for you, it doesn’t mean your day can’t be special. Go buy that pair of shoes you’ve ben eyeing. Take a spa day and get that pedicure you desperately need after this long, cold winter. I know I will.

Fifth: Take a chance. Now it may be a bit late to try to score a Valentine, but you never know. The guy you’ve been crushing on posting all those lonely tweets could be waiting for you to make the move, or the girl with “#novalentine” under her Instagram post is looking for someone, and that someone could be you.

BONUS: You could always pretend it’s not happening as well. I definitely will be staying off Instagram and Facebook to keep myself from blocking all the people posting sickeningly sweet posts. Don’t forget to hit the stores and get 50% off all the candy they didn’t sell!

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