Falling Layering Pieces

Emily Tao//

Fall is one of the best seasons for fashion. Cute sweaters, jackets, scarves, boots, and hats are all the craze. Layering not only keeps you nice and warm but is also a cute way to spice up any fall outfit. Here are some pieces that you should have in your closet this fall if you want to be the ultimate layerer.


Credit: Cardigan

Another simple layering piece that is practical can elevate your outfit and keep you warm on a cool fall day. Cardigan are something that I think is essential to have in your closet, not only are they fashionable but they are also very functional to keep you warm in these cooler transitioning months. 

Blouses and Dress Shirts

Credit: Dress Shirt

This light layering piece will be something that’ll be easy to transition from summer to fall. Not only that, blouses and dress shirts give a more polished and professional look. You’ll be able to dress this piece either up or down for this upcoming season.

Denim Jackets

Credit: Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a cult classic that never goes out of style. It’s a staple piece that makes it easy to transition your summer outfit into the fall! A tank top that you would have worn in the summer can still be worn, just throw a denim jacket on!

Corduroy Jackets

Site: Corduroy Jacket

A fun staple fall piece that will add texture and some fun flare to an outfit! Throwing on a corduroy jacket will be easy to do on top of a simple tank top and jeans. 

Patterned Cardigans/Jackets

Credit: Pattern Jackets

Having a funky pattern on your jacket or cardigan elevates an outfit by a lot. You’ll be able to show off your personality and showcase style that’ll make you stand out from others!


Credit: Sweatshirt

More recently what I’ve seen on-trend are people just wearing plain sweatshirts. The simplicity of them makes it an easy outfit essential to just throw on. Sweatshirts are an affordable layering piece that’ll be useful to have in your closet for years to come

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