REVIEW: Netflix’s “The Magicians”

By Melanie Smith


Credit: Wired


The Magicians is a show many would see on their Netflix account and scroll past without intending to watch it. The show seems childlike at first glance, filled with magic and wonder, but it is so much more.

First off, I would not recommend this show to younger audiences because there is some very mature content included. It has the perfect amount of mystery, romance, thrill and surprise for teenage and adult audiences.

The Magicians is captivating, with characters who have so much depth that you are left intrigued, longing to keep watching and learn more. Even though this is a fantasy television series, the characters are also very relatable. The show in itself is a world which provides an escape for viewers to indulge in, with twists and turns in certain episodes that leave you filled with urgency to watch the next one.

In terms of the plot, this show boasts similarities to Harry Potter but was created with an adult audience specifically in mind. The series begins with Quentin Goldwater’s recruitment and acceptance into Brakebills, a school where students learn and develop their skills in the world of magic. From the day Quentin arrives to Brakebills his world drastically changes, and he is introduced to friendships, evil monsters, different magical worlds and so much more. However, the story does not focus solely Quentin, as other characters are introduced later on that continue to build on the story.

All in all, The Magicians is a series with all of the magic, fantasy, and wonder to awaken your inner child, but it also leaves your mind feeling matured and yearning for more.



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