Favorite Halloween Movies

By Tajah Ware   As fall approaches, many things come to mind: the weather, beautiful leaves, the fashion, bonfires, hot chocolate and Halloween. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, so I’m always pumped when fall comes around. Halloween is great for a number of reasons, including dressing up, parties, trick-or-treating, the creepy cool decorations you see … More Favorite Halloween Movies

Four Ghastly Ghouls in the Music (Murda) Bizness

By John Wong It used to be that average people typically made music. You had an instrument; a piano, a guitar, a mandolin, etc. Nowadays, many musicians have taken the gimmicks to a whole new level. We’re looking at you, Ozzy, Gaga and Marilyn. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Audiences worldwide eat … More Four Ghastly Ghouls in the Music (Murda) Bizness