It’s Almost the End! Issue: Editor’s Note

Photo courtesy of It’s almost the end? It’s almost the end! I have been ready for a break for such a long time. My applications for graduate school almost drive me crazy, not to mention the heavy burden from schoolwork. The first day of Thanksgiving break, we say goodbye to the libraries which were full … More It’s Almost the End! Issue: Editor’s Note

Homecoming/Halloween Issue: Editor’s Notes

Photo courtesy of It’s officially homecoming! The leaves have officially changed, the temperature has officially dropped, and freshman and transfer students have officially adjusted to the U of I atmosphere. We’re more than halfway through the semester, and it’s time to celebrate! Also, let’s not forget that Halloween is next weekend! These next two weeks … More Homecoming/Halloween Issue: Editor’s Notes

The Fall Issue: Editor’s Notes

Photo courtesy of Every semester, season, and year in college brings change. No matter what year you are, there is something so different about this year from the last. Whether it’s more difficult classes, a new dorm/apartment, or more responsibilities around campus, everyone goes through it. As one of the Managing Editors of The Spread … More The Fall Issue: Editor’s Notes