#TBT: Goosebumps

By Tristin Marshall As we sit glued to our chairs on Wednesday nights to watch American Horror Story or binge watch The Walking Dead, we have forgotten about the series that scared us the most as children — Goosebumps. The book series, written by R.L. Stine, was released in 1992 greeting kids with Welcome to Dead House. … More #TBT: Goosebumps

#TBT: Preteen Man Candy

By Cassidy Williams When I was going through my awkward preteen years, watching Disney Channel or Nickelodeon was a nightly ritual. As I sat on my couch picking popcorn out of my braces, I always routed for the protagonist to end up with the heartthrob. Every show had one: that guy that was generally known throughout school as … More #TBT: Preteen Man Candy