Ways to Stay Motivated During the Last Month of School

By Maddie Hayes //

As a second-semester senior, I can speak from firsthand experience that this time of year is always the toughest. The weather is getting nice and summer is right around the corner. It’s  easy to let assignments and responsibilities slip through the cracks, but it’s important to finish out the semester strong. Here are four ways to keep yourself motivated to keep up with school during these last few weeks.

1. Get Organized.

Keeping some type of calendar to stay on top of all your responsibilities can be super helpful. Whether this be a traditional planner, a website, or an app on your phone, there are countless ways to stay organized. Try going through your syllabi and writing down all of the due dates of your assignments as well as when you need to start them by. This is also really satisfying when you’re able to cross off an item from your list.

2. Follow a Daily Schedule.

Although it’s easy to sleep until noon and procrastinate homework until the last minute, getting yourself into a daily routine is a very healthy habit. Try incorporating a daily walk or self-care into your routine to make sure you’re doing at least one thing for yourself every day. Following a schedule with time set out everyday to get your work done will motivate you to follow through with your responsibilities so that later, you’re able to have some free time. 

3. Use the Reminder App.

The reminder app on my phone is one of my best friends. If you have an important meeting or assignment, use your reminder app to make sure you don’t miss a beat. A lot of times, professors will casually mention important information during class, and using this app will help to ensure you don’t forget anything.

4. Set Goals.

Setting goals and actually writing them down somewhere is a great way to motivate yourself. It gives you a sense of purpose to know you’re working toward something greater. Knowing what you want for the future is the perfect way to make sure you don’t give up in the home stretch.

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