Spring Break Alternatives

By Marissa Yefsky //

This year, UIUC has provided several “Wellness Days” in place of spring break. In other words, all UIUC students are prevented from leaving campus and returning. While this is a good idea to curb the spread of COVID-19, it is not very realistic when students are overloaded with classes, and many have still been discussing alternative plans to have a fun spring break. Below are some of the ideas I came up with that are a bit more COVID- and budget-friendly.

  1. Go home.

This may seem like a fairly obvious choice, but it’s always a great time! Getting back home even for just a weekend will give you some time to disconnect from the crazy life on campus and relax.

2. Visit a friend.

If you have friends at other colleges and universities, spring break is a great time to visit them. This will allow you to travel to a new area and meet some new people but on a smaller scale.

3. Go camping.

Illinois may not be known for its beauty, but UIUC is only a few short hours away from Starved Rock State Park. Starved Rock is a very popular hiking and camping location for Illinois residents and a great getaway.

4. Get active.

Living in the Midwest gives us access to snow almost all year long. While it may be April, skiing and snowboarding areas provide fake snow that will feel extremely real and give visitors the opportunity to enjoy winter sports in the spring.

5. Take a day trip.

Opt out of a weekend getaway or a full week experience by getting out of town for just the day. Taking a trip to a nearby city that you want to visit is now the best time because of the provided Wellness Days.

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