Editor’s Note: Free Write

Dear Readers,

We are in month four of five this semester, and I can scarcely believe it. While the past semester crawled by, this one seems to be speeding along quicker than you can say “2021.” It is the time of year when people start losing motivation — if you haven’t already — and do not start working on those end-of-the-year projects until the night it’s due. The one thing you can count on is The Spread publishing another issue. The theme for this month is free write, so come into this issue open-minded and without any expectations because there will be a lot of versatile material to look forward to.

For starters, find out how to stay motivated as the weather gets nicer and harder to resist. If you’re still bummed out about spring break being canceled, check out some alternatives to keep you busy or learn how to maximize your time at home for that much-needed break. For an op-ed spin on a few topics, read up on Haniya’s favorite on-campus restaurants and add them to your food bucket list. You can also get cooking in the kitchen with some of my easy go-tos for dinner when I don’t know what to make. If you want something to get excited about, click here for fun holidays to celebrate in April. Find all these articles and more in this month’s April issue.

We’re almost done with the semester, guys! Don’t give up yet. Use these articles to fill your days and to help you press along to the end. You got this!


Rachel King, Editor-in-Chief

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