March Horoscopes

By Sara Addis //

Air signs: This is the month of green for you. Coming in hot during the week of St. Patrick’s Day, you can expect more moolah in your bank account and more green in your life. Either through a boost in the stock market or a salary increase at work, your hard work and efforts will soon be noticed where they previously have not. With this increase in attention may come a confusing decision. The balance between your social life and your work life may be a little off, but don’t lose focus. Those extra hours at work will pay off big time. Go get yourself something green and nice and prepare for a special surprise on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Water signs: This spring season will be the season of choices for any water sign. Whether it comes down to friends, work, school, or family, big decisions will have to be made. But don’t fear! Your friends are there to help you out when you feel overwhelmed. Listen to their opinions; it might help you make a few choices down the road. This month brings a love scandal of sorts. An old fling will want to reignite the flame, and you will have to make the choice: Do you want to seek greener pastures with someone new? Or take a walk down memory lane with an old friend? 

Fire signs: This is a very social month for all of my fire signs. You will be asked to attend a few events with friends, but you must consider safety at this time as well. Do you feel like a good time is worth possibly getting COVID-19? Only you can make that choice. Along with a few events, St. Patrick’s Day will be a day to remember. Spend it with the ones you love and make sure you are taking the appropriate safety precautions so you can have a good time without breaking any rules. For my friends who have been missing interaction with others, now is the time to reach out to your friends you haven’t heard from in a while.

Earth signs: Any fellow earth sign will want to lay low this month; springtime ushers in a hectic season for you. This month will present you with challenges where you have to choose between something fun and a responsibility. Choose responsibly — get it? Friends may start to argue with each other, but stay out of it; your calming presence is enough. Your friends will know you support them when you send a cheerful text, so no need to take any sides here. Spend this month focusing on yourself and your well-being. With so many changes coming during spring, it is more important than ever to stay on top of your mental wellness.

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