How to Have a Safe Unofficial Weekend

By Marissa Yefsky //

This year’s Unofficial will look much different than we have seen on campus before. It’s no secret Unofficial is one of the students’ favorite weekends; it’s something they look forward to every year. However, campus faculty and officials still urge students to stay safe and avoid large get-togethers, so do your part and keep your community safe! Below, I have given a few ways to have an Unofficial that will be safe, but also one to remember. Don’t forget to wear a mask and wash your hands!

1. Have a small party.

This weekend is a fun one and should be enjoyed with your friends on campus. Be safe and invite a few friends over for a small party that you can all enjoy together. If you’re over 21, celebrate by making your friends your favorite Unofficial-themed drinks!

2. Host a Zoom party.

I’m sure we’re all very used to Zoom meetings for work and school, but it can be used for a good time, too! Keep everyone safe by staying and celebrating at home. Celebrating through Zoom lets you connect with as many friends as you want, even those who aren’t on campus, ensuring all your friends can attend.

3. Avoid bars and large crowds.

Do your best to try and avoid places where large crowds will be gathering this weekend. The bars on campus will have many students celebrating Unofficial and are sure to be a hot spot for super spreaders, so steer clear of COVID-19 magnets like these.

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