Editor’s Note: March Madness

Dear Readers,

In a year when the polar vortex returned for a few weeks in almost every part of the country after years of going into hiding, I think I can voice for everyone how exciting it is that March is finally here. With March comes the transition into spring, warmer weather, and the middle of the semester — all things we’ve been waiting for since the year started. In honor of it being one year since the pandemic was first introduced to the U.S., we have decided to theme this month’s issue “March Madness.” This theme intends to encapsulate all the craziness that has taken place since the onset of COVID-19. Has it driven you mad yet?

When you’re not outside taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, take some time to read up on some subject matter that will entertain you and your friends, starting with some positive events that happened amid the chaos of the past year and your March horoscopes. Learn about the top NCAA teams and which ones to watch out for. If you’re not into sports, catch up on the latest spring fashion trends. For those looking to celebrate Unofficial, find out how to celebrate safely and concoct some delicious drinks you haven’t made before. You can even learn how to raise a succulent plant for your home!

With the variety of articles peppering this issue, there’s no way you can be bored. Share your favorites in the comments, and embrace the March madness sure to abound this month.


Rachel King, Editor-in-Chief

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