Love Languages Explained

By Maddie Hayes //

A love language is a way of categorizing the different ways that people feel and give love to those around them. Everyone falls into one — or a combination — of these groups that describe the way they prefer to receive love and attention, and what they react to the best. There are five love languages, and this article is going to cover what they’re all about. 

  1. Words of Affirmation

This simply means you need verbal reassurance when in a relationship. This can be anything from giving compliments to saying “I love you” frequently. Someone who has this love language needs to hear these things to feel secure in their relationship.

  1. Quality Time

The love language of quality time means your significant other enjoys spending their time with you. Reaching out to them first to make plans, even if it’s something as simple as watching TV, can make a big difference to them. Feeling wanted is very important, and you can accomplish this by making plans to spend time with them.

  1. Acts of Service

This refers to doing things like favors for your partner that takes the stress off of them. Taking time out of your day to clean up around the house or help out your partner with something that has been stressing them out shows them how much you care. Going that extra mile to make their life easier is important to them and can be as simple as doing the dishes or folding and putting away the laundry.

  1. Gifts

This love language is pretty straightforward. Giving gifts doesn’t have to be anything expensive or involve a lot of planning. It can be something as simple as a little knick-knack that reminds you of them or stopping at the store on your way home to pick up their favorite candy. These physical reminders show your loved one you’re always thinking of them even when you’re not physically together. 

  1. Physical Touch

This love language is also very straightforward. Some people feel closest to their significant other when they are physically touching them. Doing something as simple as giving them a big hug out of nowhere can make all the difference in their day.

If you would like to know what your love language is, take the quiz at

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