How Broke College Kids Can Say I Love You from a Distance

By Sara Addis //

Mail a card.

Take the time out of your day to make your loved one a handmade card. You can get as creative as you want, starting with just a pen and some paper. On this card, include a sweet little note letting your significant other know how much you appreciate them! What matters on Valentine’s Day is that you show others how much they mean to you, and a handmade card shows you genuinely care.

DM a meme.

For those out there who are not very “mushy-gushy”, sending your significant other a meme from an account you both follow or that shows off your affection in a silly way is the perfect way to show you care without going overboard. Even better, send a few throughout the day to let them know you are thinking of them all the time. It will show your appreciation and how well you know your person’s sense of humor.

Stay in and watch Netflix.

While this method of expressing affection does require a Netflix subscription, this is easily attainable from a friend for the evening. Turn on a romantic show or a slasher film — either way, it will give you an excuse to cuddle up to your partner and spend some quality time together. Nothing is better than staying in on a chilly February day, getting all cozy, and watching your favorite flick.

Post them on your social media.

If you are looking for a way to really show your partner and the world how much you love them, posting on social media is the perfect way. Decorate your post with emojis and stickers to show off your personal aesthetic. Choose your favorite or silliest pick, swipe on a filter, and post on your Instagram or Snapchat story to show off your boo for 24 hours. If you are looking for a more permanent declaration, posting to your feed will get the job done.

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