How to Let Someone Know You are Thankful for Them

By Sara Addis //

2020 has brought its fair share of havoc and heartbreak. From battling the coronavirus to systemic oppression, 2020 has taken the world for a ride. This year more than ever, it is so important to let our family and friends know how much they truly mean to us. Below is a list of thoughtful ideas to express your gratitude and appreciation for a loved one.

  1. Hand-Written Letter or Card
Handmade card

 Nothing shows your appreciation like physically writing out a note and telling someone how much you love them. Whether it’s on a piece of notebook paper or a handmade card, showing your appreciation in little ways can make a huge difference in someone’s day. 

  1. Surprise Food Delivery 
Cookie delivery

With the difficult economic times right now, this option might not be available for everyone, but if you are able to pick them up a sweet treat or their favorite dinner, go for it! Not only does it show that you listen and know them well, but it creates a great atmosphere and really shows your appreciation. 

  1. A Simple Text or Call
Text message

Take a second out of your day to send your love electronically. Let your special someone know you care about them during a random time of the day, when they are least expecting it. It will definitely brighten up their mood if not their whole day. Maybe include fun emojis or a meme to really show them how well you know their taste! 

  1. Social Media Shoutout
Tik Tok

In today’s digital age, the best way to show someone you care is with an Instagram story, Snapchat story or a Tik Tok. Make up a fun dance or showcase your favorite memory. Going digital to show your appreciation shows everyone how much you do care. You can also get extra creative with it; add some fun stickers or post more than one photo. Here you get the opportunity to make it as personal as you want. 

  1. Gift box
Gift box

Our last and final idea to really show your appreciation and admiration for a loved one is with a gift box. It can include whatever you want: photos, food, ticket stubs from movie dates, and more. Show them you value the time you have spent together by reminiscing on your favorite memories. 

Take this month to slow down and check in on your loved ones. Now is the time to show your appreciation. This year has been anything but easy, so showing someone you care might just be the thing that will turn their year around.

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