Essential Fall Pieces for Your Closet

By Emily Tao //



Lately I’ve been wearing beanies all around campus. It’s one of my favorite things to do since it acts as such a simple and easy accessory. Not only that, it keeps me warm and fashionable. Personally I’ve been looking into getting a neon beanie to spice up my fall outfits and make a statement. Wearing a beanie takes little to no effort and is also great for those days when your hair is not cooperating.

Oversized Sweaters

I live in oversized sweaters. Especially now I am not able to leave the comfort of my own home as much, you can find me drowning in a sweater. Lounging in a sweater is also cute enough to still wear out around. At this point of the year, I find myself choosing comfort when deciding my outfits. I love wearing graphic sweaters to somewhat represent my style and still keep outfits on trend still.


Another comfy fall essential is sweatpants, of course. Current trends are a monochrome look, which is very chic. There are ways to dress up and dress down this loungewear that is perfect for you to stay home in or go out and run errands in as well!



Flannels are a fall essential because they are great to layer with. They’re cute and a nice way to stay warm. There’s also an endless amount of options when looking at styles and colors available. Lately, I’ve been wearing simple black and white outfits and have been pairing it with neutral-colored flannel.

White Shoes

Having white sneakers is an essential this fall to complete any outfit. White shoes give a clean and polished look to any outfit. I’ve seen the trend of wearing Air Force 1s, but some other alternatives are the Nike Court Vintage Premium shoes or the Reebok Club Memt sneakers.

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