Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

By Marissa Yefsky //

Seasons are always changing, and fashion trends move with them. In order to stay up to the latest trends, it takes a bit of research to know what we’re going to be seeing on the streets and on the runways in the coming months. But don’t worry, I’ve done the research, and I’ve got you covered. I’ve found styles of each of these trends that shows you a designer and an affordable option that can help you take these pieces from the runway to your closet.

Cropped Blazers

Ivory blazer

As the weather gets colder, men and women are making the switch to jackets and coats. A popular trend that’s on the runways now is the cropped blazer. This style can be dressed up or down for work or a day shopping. If you search online, you can find many blazers of various colors. Something I really like is the above classic ivory blazer that can easily be paired with jeans and sneakers or with pleated trousers and loafers.

Sheer Overlays

Whether it’s a blouse, a tank top, or a T-shirt, a sheer overlay is an easy way to make an outfit that is sure to stand out. Sheer overlays allow for easy layering for the cool weather as well as a chic look that will definitely make a statement.



Metallic colors and chainmail are no longer just for knights. As winter approaches, fashion editors and designers are making the push toward chainmail in clothing and accessories. Even if that doesn’t seem like your thing, there are easy ways to include it in your outfit.

Drawstring Details

Ruched dress

Ruched detailing is coming back in full swing this season. As a part of dresses and tops, this style of clothing is back and better than before with a wide variety of options that make this look perfect for any occasion.


Patchwork jeans

We started to see a comeback with patchwork clothing this summer during quarantine. The trend has taken over “Fashion TikTok” with content creators creating their own patchwork clothing. This style has now taken the runway by storm and will be a hit for many years to come. I definitely recommend getting some type of patchwork clothing item; this trend is a must-have for this season and the ones to come.

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