Editor’s Note: Treats, No Tricks

Dear Readers,

It’s October, the time of year when everyone finally has an excuse to indulge in their sweetest guilty pleasures without any judgment. No one is certain what Halloween will look like during this COVID-19 era, so we’re all in for a surprise this spooky season. Though we are facing a lot of ambiguity this year, one thing is very clear: More than ever, we deserve to have a month full of treats. Instead of asking you all “trick or treat?” we are here to provide you with an overwhelming supply of treats alone; we think you have had enough tricks this year.

There are countless goodies for you to add to your trick-or-treat bag in this October issue. Start by getting into the Halloween spirit with some articles on festive movies, cocktails, and confections. You can also find some costume inspiration and decor ideas to brighten up your all-in-one home, entertainment, and office space. For all you fall lovers, we have pieces on seasonal recipes and outfits that will have your friends wishing they were as stylish as you. If you’re feeling bored for the 1000th time this semester, there is also an article on activities that pair well with the changing leaves and cooler breezes. Find these articles among others in this month’s issue of The Spread to supplement the candy bars you’re binging.

There are a lot of fun pieces to pique your interest in this issue, so take your time perusing them all to get you excited for the weeks to come!


Rachel King, Editor-in-Chief

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