COVID-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

By Haniya Ghazi //

Halloween is just around the corner, but with that comes the sad reality that it’s Halloween plus COVID-19. Even though it won’t necessarily be the same, here are some fun costume ideas that are pandemic-friendly. 


Doctor costume

A doctor is the most obvious costume for a mask-friendly costume. It helps you keep your mask on the entire time because it is part of the costume, but it is also a fun costume in itself! Spice it up and turn it into a “creepy” doctor by adding splashes of fake blood, or for girls, you can even be a nurse! This is a great easy costume to stay within COVID-19 guidelines. 


Ninja costume

This is not only a cute and fun costume, but a great costume to pair a black mask with. The face covering is an essential part of this costume anyway, and a great way to stay safe and respectful on Halloween. Wear an all-black hoodie and black pants, tie a red scarf to your waist, and throw on your black mask, and you’re ready to go!

Halloween Masks 

Halloween mask

These creepy masks are a halloween staple for many on halloween despite COVID. However, during COVID-halloween this time they are even better because they completely protect you and others and you still have a great costume! Gives you the scary halloween vibes plus protects everyone! What a perfect combination. 

Halloween-Themed Face Masks

Themed masks

With halloween right around the corner the internet is blowing up with fun and creative halloween themed face masks! Online stores like etsy are full of these masks and they are a perfect way to wear your mask but stick with the halloween theme. From different characters’ faces to simple jack-o’-lanterns there is a mask for anyone! 

There are many fun ways to make your Halloween costumes this year pandemic-friendly; it’s just about being creative! Even though Halloween isn’t going to be the exact same, we can still all have a fun time while sticking to the COVID-19 guidelines.

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