How to Keep Busy Each Day

By Emily Tao

We have been finding ourselves experiencing boredom more often than not these days with the lack of in-person classes and the differences in campus life. If you are feeling like you have nothing to do, check out this list for activities that will keep you busy each day while still preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Read a book.


Books are a good short-term escape from reality. Immersing yourself in a good book is something easy you can do to keep busy. There’s no better feeling than reading a book you actually enjoy. Even just reading 20 minutes a day can help you relax.

Create new challenges.


Challenging yourself to push yourself to become a better person is something that will prove to be beneficial in the end. This can be something simple like pursuing a new hobby or completing a task you set out to do.

Catch up on work.


I prioritize my schoolwork a lot, and it almost always keeps me busy. There is usually something to do for school, whether that be homework, studying, or meetings with your group members. Although this isn’t the most fun thing to do to keep busy, doing school work is a good distraction when things in your personal life also start to get overwhelming.

Make time to hang out with friends.


Especially during quarantine, I’ve found I actually have a lot of time to myself since I’m not able to leave my home as much. And to keep me from not going crazy sitting in my room all day, I have been hitting up my friends to hang out more often. We tend to play a lot of board games — I recommend Catan — and have watched a lot of Netflix. I love these moments because I appreciate that through them, I am able to strengthen our relationship and be even closer.

Take walks.


Small exercises like walks can help pass the time by if you find yourself having some free time. It’s a good way to get your heart rate up and to take some time to get fresh air. After being cooped up inside for longer periods than I’m used to, I’ve found walks to be very comforting and relaxing, especially when I’m listening to music and not thinking about school. Walks help to clear my head and regain focus.

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