Good Things That Happened In 2020

By Marissa Yefsky

2020 has earned the reputation of one of the worst years ever. A band called Avenue Beat even made a song about how much 2020 sucks. The artists describe how bad of a year 2020 was and how they can’t wait for it to soon be over. As if that wasn’t proof enough, there’s also a trend on TikTok in which creators use the “F2020” song and list all the bad things that happened to them in during the year. While 2020 does have a bad reputation, there are many great things that have come from the year.

The San Diego, Houston, and Cincinnati Zoos now have live cams so everyone at home can watch the animals.

A 103-year-old grandma beat COVID-19 and celebrated with a Bud Light.


Drive-in concerts are now gaining popularity as a result of the pandemic.

Restaurants like McDonald’s and those contained by Ikea and Disney shared some of their favorite recipes so we could make them at home.

An opera house in Spain played for plants as its audience and then donated them to health care workers.

Spanish Opera House

Those who were able to sewed masks for the people who needed them most.

Americans adopted foster pets in need of a home during the pandemic.


Puzzles and board games are making a comeback.

Automakers were able to make ventilators and other medical devices to aid health care workers.

An Academy Award went to an international film, “Parasite,” for the first time ever.


“Hamilton” is now available on Disney+ to stream.

Musicians gave us concerts from home during quarantine.

NASA and Google partnered to give us a 3D tour of a replica of the Martian surface.

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