Keeping Yourself Motivated at Home

By Rachel King

It’s difficult having to be confined to your home every hour of every day not including the time you spend outdoors. I never thought I would say this, but I wish I could just go somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t have to be special; it just has to be something besides the walls I’ve been inside for almost two months now. 

 I don’t know about you, but being home for all this time has really taken a toll on my motivation. When quarantine first began, I was out jogging every other day, making it my goal to get in shape. Then, I began run-walking as I call it, which is just when you go for a run but walk for some of the way. After that, I started running once a week. Soon enough, I stopped running altogether and limited myself to walks. And now I don’t even do that. So, what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened: I lost all motivation. Being at home all the time strips away my life purpose, making even getting dressed a seemingly unachievable effort. I feel like I’m living in a rut without an end in sight. How do you stay motivated in the era of Covid-19?

The first step is setting personal improvement goals. Setting goals revives the purpose that was lost by quarantine and places you on the path to meaning. 

Once you have established your goals, however big or small they may be, you must next write them down. This solidifies the commitment you have made to yourself and clarifies them so that you know exactly what you’re chasing after.

The third step is to detail exactly what you plan to do to accomplish each goal. In other words, create checkpoints or mini-goals to check off along the way that will all serve to assist you in reaching your final product.

After you finish your list, post it somewhere you look every day. This might be your bedroom door or on the outside of your closet. By strategically placing this list, you’re ingraining your goals into your brain, giving you a constant reminder of that personal change you want to see and subconsciously empowering you to work toward them. 

The last and most obvious step to regaining and maintaining motivation is to begin achieving your goals. Focus on the mini-goals first and escalate from there. With a clear objective in your mind, you’re already off to a good start.

Now that you know the secret behind solving all your motivation problems, it’s time to get to work! You don’t have to view quarantine as a burden; view it as an opportunity for self-improvement. There’s never been a better time to work on yourself.

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