Empty Cities Around the World

By Marissa Yefsky

Needless to say, nobody ever expected COVID-19 to hit as hard as it has. At its beginning, many people hoped this virus would be contained in China, and everyone’s lives outside would not be affected. Every community has felt the impact of this virus as it sweeps the globe. There are places that have never seen a day without crowds of locals and tourists alike. Tourist spots and small communities are hurting. There are places we see in pictures or in person that always have crowds. Times Square, Las Ramblas, and the Trevi Fountain rarely see an empty day. Below, I’ve shared some haunting photos that show the impact of COVID-19 on every stretch of the globe. 


Berlin, Germany

image5 (2)


Paris, France

image3 (2)


Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida, USA

Magic Kingdom


Wuhan, China

image6 (1)


London, England

image1 (1)


New York, USA

image2 (1)
New York

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