Editor’s Note: Writer’s Choice

What an end to the semester this turned out to be for us college students! Never did we think that we would be sitting at home and taking finals in May. Even with all that’s going on, our staff was able to scrape together some articles for you to enjoy during quarantine.


Our theme for this limited issue is Writer’s Choice. We gave our staff the option to cover whatever they wanted to finish off the year. Covering topics from Covid-19, to bingeable TV shows!


It’s hard to stay motivated while working or attending school from home. If you find yourself struggling with motivation, check out Rachel’s article Keeping Yourself Motivated At Home. Or, if you find yourself giving in to that temptation of just watching some TV, then check out Haniya’s Bingeable Netflix Shows During Quarantine.


Will Covid has kept us inside, photographers around the world have been producing some great content of empty cities. Check out Marissa’s Empty Cities Around the World for more. Also, to see the bright side of things, read her Good Things You May Have Missed During Covid-19.


Our Co-Editor, Jack Coombs, is a graduating senior this year.

Jack 2

“It’s been heartbreaking to have to spend my last few months of college at home. While I would have preferred it to end differently, I’m grateful for all that I have experienced, and want to thank The Spread for a great four years as a photographer/videographer! My advice is this – keep it creative and roll with change when it comes. It’s the most constant thing in life” – Jack


Check out his thoughts about senior year and college in his video What I Will Miss about Senior Year.


Thanks for sticking with us for another year, and you will see content from us again next fall.


Jack Coombs & Rachel King, Co-editors

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