What I’m Looking Forward to: Spring Edition  

By Emily Tao

unnamed emily
Hello Spring


The Weather 

unnamed (7)


I’m excited to start walking to class without having to wear a big winter jacket. Spring weather is the perfect time to be pulling out the big sweaters for sweater weather. 


Spring break 

unnamed (8)
Spring Break

I always feel so relieved to go home and have a moment to breathe where I don’t have to be thinking about school. I can relax and am looking forward to having more free time in general and be able to do nothing. Being home is comforting and I can’t wait to be reunited with my friends, family, and dog!

Hanging out with friends 

unnamed (9)
Hanging out with friends

Since it’s nicer out I have more opportunities to hangout with my friends and be outside more and do more fun things. I always appreciate any time I get to hangout with my friends because that’s when I’m happiest!

Longer days 

unnamed (10)
Longer days

Having an extra hour of sunlight makes the days feel longer and signifies the start of spring /summer. There’s more time to be out and about to make more memories and I am very much looking forward to that. 

Seeing everything start to bloom 

unnamed (11)
Starting to bloom

Not only is the weather nice, that also means that I am more likely to walk to class because I get to see all of the flowers and trees bloom. Behind Foellinger I like to sit when the flowers on the trees start to grow and take time and think. 

Fruits are Coming Back in Season 

unnamed (12)
Fruits coming back in season

I love making smoothies especially in the morning. It fuels my body throughout the day and they always taste good. There are so many different combinations and now that it is Spring the fruits are starting to come back in season and I love putting fresh fruit in my smoothies versus the ones from the frozen section.

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