Springing In: Editor’s Note

For us here in the Midwest, the end of winter is in sight and spring is right around the corner! This inspired us to call this issue “Springing in”, as our staff explores what they are excited about and new things they can discover this spring.


Find inspiration to try new things with “Springing into new experiences” or get excited for the new season with “What I’m Looking Forward to: Spring Edition”. Want to focus on your health and wellness? Check out “Simple Ways to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle this Spring”, “Spring Cleaning Tips”, and (what’s on everyone’s mind) “The Coronavirus: Tips to Staying Healthy”.


Rain got you down? Read our “Best Ways to Spend a Rainy Day”. Does the Sun have you excited? Read our “Best Outdoor Study Spots on Campus?


Up your fashion game with “Spring Colors and How to Take Those Trends to the Real World” or find some music to look forward to with “Most Anticipated Albums of 2020”. Also, check out this month’s video from editor Jack where he and his girlfriend review MRE’s!


We are very excited to share this issue with you! Thanks for checking out The Spread.



Jack Coombs and Rachel King, Co-Editors


P.S. Check us out on Instagram @thespreaduiuc!

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